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Entry requirements for the International Baccalaureate at Gimnazija Kranj

  • Students ages 16 and 17 years old.
  • Successfully completed second year of  grammar school (grade 11) in 2022/2023 with general academic achievement at least very good (4) in the second year of gymnasium.
  • At least grade 4 (very good) in the subjects Slovene or Italian or Hungarian as a mother tongue, English and Mathematics in the second year of gymnasium.
  • Active engagement in extracurricular activities (sports, culture, arts, service), participation in competitions of knowledge (mathematics, natural sciences, humanities, language etc.).

Selection criteria

Area Maximum number of points
Academic success in year 1 and year 2 50
Extracurricular activities 10
Research papers and competition of knowledge 10
Recommendation letter from two teachers 10
Interview with the candidate 20
Total 100


The application should be send to:
Gimnazija Kranj
Koroška cesta 13
4000 KranjInterested students use the application form for students:

Application form for students

Interested students should send the application with the required documentation by registered mail or hand it in at Gimnazija Kranj secretariat marked with "IB 2023". You must attach a photocopy of the first-year certificate (letnno spričevalo)and the mid-year grade report (obvestilo o uspehu) in the second year. Describe or put down engagements and successes in the field of extracurricular activities and achievements in knowledge competitions and research tasks. You must also attach the recommendations of the class teacher and the selected teacher in a sealed envelope. Incomplete applications and applications that arrive after the deadline will not be considered.

You can get more information from the coordinator of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Natasa Kne, prof.: natasa.kne@gimkr.si.


Students should enclose recommendation letters from a class teacher and one teacher. Wordcount: 500 to 1000.

Application deadline

20 March 2023

Candidates may apply for only one IB school in Slovenia.

Selection and dealines

Final decision about admitted candidates is made by the Gimnazija Kranj Admission Committee after the personal interview with the candidate in April. The decision will be communicated to the candidates by the end of June, when the students receive their final certificates.