IB World School

The IB Diploma Programme is a two-year course. Students can choose six subjects from six groups. At least three or four subjects must be taken at higher HL and the rest at standard SL level.

The advantage of having six main subjects on the schedule is that students can engage in an in-depth study of each subject. Subjects at Higher Level (HL) are scheduled for five school hours per week and subjects at Standard Level (SL) for four school hours per week. In this way, students are immersed in their favourite subjects every day in the school week, which enables them to go into great detail and depth in those areas. Language A (mother tongue), Language B English and mathematics are the three compulsory subjects; the other three subjects are freely chosen by the student. We offer a variety of subjects, but there must be a minimum enrollment of four students for a course to be offered. The languages of teaching and learning are English and Slovene. Grades are on a scale from 1 to 7 (1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest).

In addition to six subjects, students also have the required core subjects. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is at the heart of every subject and questions the nature of knowledge. CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) combines extracurricular activities with learning and emphasizes need for students to volunteer and get involved in their local communities. The Extended Essay is a research paper conducted in conjunction with your favourite subject.

  • Group 1 (Language A): Mother Tangue
  • Group 2 (Language B): English, German
  • Group 3 (Individuals and Society): History, Psychology, Philosophy, Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Group 4 (Experimental Sciences): Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Group 5 (Mathematics and Computer Sciences): Mathematics
  • Group 6 (The Arts): Subject chosen from groups 2, 3 or 4 (we don't offer the Arts)

The academic year starts on September 1st and ends in May after the external exams.